Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are the oldest toys on the market. In the past, simple wooden blocks would entertain children for hours and they still continue to do so today. Children are entertained by simple objects and most wooden toys fulfil this simple criteria. (more…)

Puzzles Toys

Puzzles toys have been around for many years and have provided children with a fun, yet learning experience. When it comes to young children, one of the best toys you can purchase is a puzzle. Puzzles are not only a toy, but are also an aid in childhood education and help children develop problem-solving skills they will use in later life. (more…)

Board Games

Board games have provides hours of family fun for years, and they continue to be a popular toy for children of all ages. A board game was originally designed so that counters or pieces could be placed on, removed or moved across the board. (more…)